Internet Addiction

The internet doesn't like it when I call him out on his bullshit.

Why do I stay in this one-way-street of a relationship? It's hard to say sometimes. To his credit, he is entertaining, hilarious, and informative, among other things. And most of my friends think he's a good guy.

Sigh. It all started out so innocently.

But it felt like the more time we spent together, our mutual dependency on each other grew. And now here we are. Even when we've run out of things to say to each other, and even when we both know it should end... somehow... somehow, that rat bastard pulls me in.

Any time I try to focus on anything else, the internet begins exercising its power over me. I walk away, but I feel its eyes following me. I know it has more to show me, despite whatever actual real-world obligations I may have.

What's worse? Even though I recognize my addiction to the internet, I can't control it. We've spent so much time together, that it feels like he's hard-wired into my brain.

I'll be sitting there, trying to get stuff done.... and as soon as I am all:

The internet, before I even realize what has happened, invades my mind, and is all:

That right there is usually enough to get me to go crawling back to him. And on the off chance I do resist him, it is never for very long. His tricks are devious. They are endless. He knows exactly what I want to hear, and plays off of my dependency on him.

And the cycle continues. I know I'm not the only one out there dealing with this. Stay strong, friends. We'll beat this thing.

Aka, we'll never beat this thing, because it's the internet, and it's fucking everywhere.