Valentine (f)Arts and Crafts

Oops, I forgot about Valentines Day. Well, online, anyway. In real life, however, I made several lovely cards for my coworkers, which I'd like to share with you. Vulgarity and puns run rampant in our day to day; I thought it only appropriate to use both in my craftsmanship.

Well, it's not not true. 

This one was for my boss. Hi, Kacey!

Mmmm... sushi...

My personal fave.

This was for the older gent notorious for horrible puns and dad  jokes.
He enjoyed it. 

SeƱor Penis - Born in high school, thriving well into adulthood.

No comment. 

This made more sense than "I'd Avada your Kedavra."

That's all. ♥

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