Get it? Monday + mundane = Mondayne? Get it...?

Oh never mind.

There's something about Sunday night that makes you want to go all Romeo and Juliet. By that, I mean ingesting poison, then stabbing yourself, usually looks like the lesser of two evils by the time 8:00 rolls around on a Monday. You're tired. You're hungover. You're replaying all of the fun and relaxation that just passed you by, which will elude you like Bin Laden for the next five days. And as for work itself, Monday seems to be worse than the same old. It's the same old, yet, with a quiet vengeance, which can destroy you at a glance. I just try to keep my head down and truck through it.

Yeah. We're doing charts today. A) The radar is ridiculously boring, and B) it makes me feel like a grown-up.

It's easy enough to get on autopilot on a Monday... but even with the cruise control on, driving through the vast wasteland of corporate 'Murica is still a chore. It takes me until at least 11:30 to form good brain thought things. I try to distribute my attention span fairly.

Seems fair to me. Also, I'm thinking about vinegar today because I had the most amazing salad ever yesterday, and keep replaying that last, vinegar-soaked crouton over and over in my mind. Mmm.

But I digress. Which, in itself, somewhat proves my point. Monday. The busiest day ever, and yet the hardest day on which to stay focused. My non-focus inevitably lead me to thinking back on my childhood for a few minutes, and to how much easier things were. And how much better school was than work is. And how much I miss Lisa Frank stickers. And how close I may or may not be to becoming Jack Nicholson and chasing Shelly Duvall around an abandoned hotel with an axe.

Another Stephen King reference? 

Once I hit the oasis of lunch time, and spend some time with a turkey sammich and Photoshop, things usually start to look up. I can see the end of the Monday tunnel, and 5:00 is closer than 8:00. I cling to the fact that in just a few short hours, I'll be home with Mr. Biffles, who is a compassionate, perfectly-behaved, and affectionate source of comfort, especially after a long day.

Let me dream.




A Place to be Me said...

I miss Lisa Frank stickers too...

Meteoroflgy said...

Lol :) I've gotten that comment from a lot of people who read this, actually!

notanillusion said...

I'm not even kidding you, every time I read you I think of Hyperbole and a Half in the best possible way.

Hey, I'm going to Bloomington to see Maria Bamford for her Saturday show and then the Doug Loves Movies taping at The Comedy Attic after that. Any interest in going?