Deja Vu

Well... that looks familiar, doesn't it?

Fear not, though. This was completely different.

Well, kind of different. Yes, I was sick again, but this time, with a whole bunch of things! Not just one boring thing, like strep throat.

And no, I'm not exaggerating. I actually was on sabbatical because I had all of those things. Of course, I couldn't have pissed off the gypsy that makes you Thinner (hur hur... Stephen King reference...). No, no... I had to piss off the gypsy that keeps you sick for three weeks and makes you run out of brake fluid while you're fucking driving. Yeah, that happened, too. /wrists

But, I'm back now! Hooray!

........Deja vu?

And anyway, you people don't care about my ailments! You want the hard-hitting weather news you've come to expect at Meteoroflgy! In fact, I daresay you'd only be truly invested in my personal struggles if I told the story via weather radar. Which is fine. 'Cuz I'm gonna.

So I'm driving along in my car, minding my own business.

*Ahem*. I said, driving along in my car... 

Okay, fine. You know what? You got me. I can't draw cars. I have never been able to draw stupid cars. But you know that cloud cluster looks like a car. Just shut up. I don't see you making your own blog. Fucking shut up.

So, driving along, minding m-- yeah, I still hear you laughing at the car. Seriously, can we move on?

Bottom line, my breaks go out, on a crazy busy street, during rush hour. It basically looked like this:

Because I am awesome, I escaped that situation with zero damage to life and property.
.....Only to be rewarded with this, shortly after:

Which, of course, is me on the couch for days, dying from aforementioned sicknesses, being attacked by an unsympathetic Mr. Biffles. What he possesses in extra phalanges, he lacks in compassion.

So yeah. That's why I haven't posted much lately. Barring any run-ins with ebola or scurvy or pneumonia, we should be back on track shortly!

Happy Tuesday!

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A Place to be Me said...

Missed you! Welcome back and glad you're feeling better and bringing the funny!