What is Meteoroflgy?

But I'll be happy to make something up. 

meteoroflgy (mee•tee•o•raw•full•gee) n. noun: The occasional weather-related, meteorological post, paired with a variety of lawls, wtfs, rofls and/or tomfoolery. 

But before you go thinking it's all educational, let me warn you that I'm likely insane, and can open your mind to a whole new world of shit. 

Sometimes, you see an encroaching ice storm. I might see a weather monster. 

Sometimes, you see a perfectly stable display of architecture and science. I might see a dangerous mystery. 

Maybe you see normal punctuation. I see a crazed koala. In a bamboo jungle. Wearing Ugg boots. 

So... I don't know how that makes you feel. But it makes me feel pretty good. If you feel the same, maybe you should stick around. 'Cuz I'm going to rock. your. WORLD.