Post Potter Depression Syndrome

Well, the wait is finally over for die-hard Potter fans all over the world. I have to assume most Potter fans are feeling a little blue and nostalgic that this whimsical chapter in our lives has come to a close. If you're anything like me, however, this feeling may be manifesting itself as a full-on case of the crazies. I've classified my emotions as Post Potter Depression Syndrome, or PPDS. In reflecting upon the various stages I've progressed through in my multi-day struggle with PPDS, I've come to the realization that the stages are pretty much identical to the grieving process.


You can pretend the movies aren't over. You can pretend Pottermore is going to satisfy your craving for another new adventure in the wizarding world. You can pretend that being a Muggle is awesome. But deep down... you know you're just lying to yourself.



You're done pretending that there's any hope for new content. Your emotions channel themselves into a bitter, fiery rage that only a sea of new HP books could douse. A sea that will never come to shore.



Fan Fiction? Desperate letters to J.K. Rowling? Witty blog posts? Can any of these things give me that happy Harry feeling again? Please? PLEASE??! I'll do ANYTHING!



It's.... it's really over, isn't it.... :(




Unfortunately, there will be no witty image for Acceptance, as I'm very much still in the "Depression" stage. I can tell you that, in order to move to this final step and get on with life, I plan to see the movie again this Friday. I plan to sob hysterically and be judged by children and adults alike. It's a risky move, as it could very well propel me back to the beginning of the grieving/PPDS steps.... but I'm willing to take the risk.

By the by: the weather radar is boring as shit these days, thanks to yet another brutal summer drought. So I hope y'all are digging these non-weather-related posts.



A Place to be Me said...

I dig it! I am totally depressed about HP being over too...:(

trashamex said...

HAH! well ur witty blog posts are helping me stay outta the depression stage!! TY ms. 152 insights into my soul!

A Hoser among Hoosiers said...

I felt this exact same way after the Star Wars movies ended. I thought nothing in my life could replace the void, having seen the original film as a child in 1977 and having my entire childhood and teen years shaped by the series.

But it gets better... for example I never imagined something called Harry Potter would exist one day. Not the same as SW to me, but it's good in its own way.

So who knows what filmological Wonderfun might await us post-Potter?

And, final gloat, I haven't seen part one of the final Potter movie from last summer, nor this most recent last part, so in a way I'm still frozen in film-going carbonite, in perfect hibernation until I decide to watch them. :D

notanillusion said...

You are my hero.

That and the central air conditioning guy.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Everytime I get depressed about HP I just re-read the books. Over and over and over again.