Fun with Omegle

Apparently, there's this website where we can follow all the instructions we've been given since childhood, and chat with as many strangers as we can handle. It's called Omegle.

Since I'm still scribbling away on my next cartoony post, and since I procrastinate like the mightiest of motherfuckers, I decided to give it a try, and post the results for your amusement.

As hard as it may be to believe, this completely-anonymous, stranger-fueled outlet is apparently full of nymphomaniacs and perverts.

I mean... full of nymphomaniacs and perverts.

Like, full. I cannot stress that enough. 

I was just trying to be helpful. I can't be the only one who thinks of Keanu Reeves when I hear the word "dominatrix," am I? Yes? Well, shoot..... 


I thought maybe I could diffuse some of them by acting like a computer. 

But that ended up being a little confusing for all parties involved. 

So I thought... Maybe I could try to lead the conversation. Perhaps with a dance party! Yeah, that's it! Who doesn't like a good dance party?

Apparently, my "fame" and/or previous posts about dubstep have not preceded me. :c

Some friend Jonathan turned out to be. "Here for you," one minute, gone the next.

Fine, Omegle. Fine. You don't want to be friends with me? Then I'll make up my own friends. My own, creepy, conjoined friends.

My boss Kacey reads my blog, too. That's why I wasn't at work. And also because I wasn't. O_O

Well fuck you very much too, Jack! I bet you weren't even a model!

I decided to give it one last try. And for once, I was going to be the one to end the conversation. On my own terms.

Well, that was fun. Sort of. 

Back to scribbling.

To Facebook! Fly, you fools...
(or Twitter. @meteoroflgy)


Sara said...

Snarf kitho tynorespi!

Wow, that was awkward said...

That was awesome! I want to be your IM buddy!!

nandacast said...

I too desire to be your IM buddy. That was hilarious.

[edsingu tiandial]

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