Easter Shame

I'm usually pretty crafty with the Easter eggs, but I just could not get my shit together this year for some reason. My Marmie and I started off making an attempt, but as egg after egg kept looking like it fell directly out of a horse's asshole after said horse had been force-fed nothing but Taco Bell for three days straight, we just kind of gave up and made silly ones. I thought I'd share them with you lovely people.

We'll start with someone of the ones that turned out alright. 
"Golden Egg Kit" my ass. Look at those streaky motherfuckers in front. 

I think ol' Orangie on the right there is when I started to give up hope. 
Aaaand... here are some of the others. 

Marmieduke proudly showing off her masterpiece(ofshit)

Hitler and Eggva

I just... I don't even. 

My painted boat melted into a fucking demon

Hitler's backside. I put flowers around it, so it's okay. 

Derp the Ogre Easy might be my favorite. 

I like Halloween, so fuck off. 

Zombie Boat thinks it's a train. Choo choo, motherfuckers. 

One of the less shameful shots

One of the more shameful shots

Most of these are shameful shots

Oh hai!

You're special in your own way, little egg. 

"We wanted to be beautiful," they cried out in vain.

Last but not least, because I'm an asshole, and because my Marm told me I had a flat tire on April Fool's and made me shit my pants, here's a video of my mom's very best Ed Wynn impression.

"You'll delete that video, won't you?"
"Of course, mother. Of course."

What do you think, Ed?

Well alright, then.



A Place to be Me said...

These are epic.

Also, I got the 14K Gold one too...total disappointment!

BullRun said...

Zombie boat now.
Zombie boat FOREVER.