Disney (vs. Looney Toons) Friday

I recently got into a heated debate with one of my Warcraft buddies in that timeless battle of Mickey Mouse -vs- Bugs Bunny.

Now of course, most of us realize that the battle is somewhat pointless, because Bugs stomps Mickey's face in any day of the week. But I did want to clarify my stance on WB vs Disney.

As far as movies, I have to concede, Disney is far superior. I've never met a child or adult who was excited about any of the Looney Toons movies.Oppositely,

The Emporer's New Groove is one of my favorite movies of all time. No sane person can deny it's greatness.

Disney also has the best villains you could ever hope for.

(even if the aforementioned villain may or may not be a sexual deviant...)

And Disney also has a way with making us love even the most unlovable of creatures.

I've always loved every single character in The Jungle Book.

So yes, I concede that Disney is far superior than Warner Bros. can ever hope to be when it comes to movies. However, as far as cartoons, there is simply no competition with the awesome innuendo, fun-filled cross-dressing and lovable violence that is Looney Toons. The entertainment value is simply second to none. I miss cartoons like that.



trashamex said...

*whistling noise*

Star Keziah said...

Maleficent > Ursula.

That is all.

A Place to be Me said...

AWESOME! Incidentally I had a class in college with a woman that looked like Ursula. Minus the tentacles.