A.D.D. Thursday

This has been a long, unfocused week. I can't wait for it to be over! In the meantime, here's a radar.

And there's a narwhal! (It has red eyes because the narwhal is an evil creature. Look it up.)

Also, there's a bear.

Also, there's a guy tossing his cookies, though in the interest of not being vulgar, I will illustrate this literally, with happy, smiling cookies.

And just for the hell of it, here's Lil' John again.

Told you I was unfocused. Happy Friday Eve!



erin said...

I like the narwhal. Remember when I just realized last year that a narwhal is a real thing?! Weird.

A Hoser among Hoosiers said...

The narwhal sort of looks like Charlie the Starkist tuna mascot after having a nose job.

He also appears to be sodomizing the bear.


A Place to be Me said...

Hee this is officially my new favorite blog! I love this!