It's a Superior Monday!

It's a superior Monday for several reasons. Firstly, it's Memorial Day, which means I don't have to work. Secondly, it's a great holiday for food. Lots of grilling going on today. Dogs, burgers, steaks, you name it. You know what goes great with steak? This radar.

Get it?

Get it now? Great! Now that we're on the same page, I want to... oh, wait, there's another one.

Mkay. I wanted to.... dammit, another one!

Okay, are we done with the lobsters, mother nature?

.....Okay, great!

Anyway, I wanted to point out something interesting about Lake Superior. You may have noticed lobster #2 looking a little concerned and/or intimidated. That's because he (and I) realized today what Lake Superior looks like. It looks like a disembodied shark's head with a smug face. Eat your heart out, Alanis, because I submit to you that Lake Superior looking like a shark with a superiority complex takes the irony cake.

Get over yourself, Superior Shark. Just for that, lobster #2 gets a wizard hat.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!



A Place to be Me said...

LMAO I totally see it! Love this! I've never read your blog before, but I'll be back!

Yet to Be Known said...

This one gave a me a pretty good laugh. Thanks for brightening my first day back at work after vacation... :)