BRB - Kitten apocalypse

Oh, hai!

Sorry for yesterday's absence. What with the impending doomsday tonight at 6:00pm, and the fact that kittens have been laying eggs in my soul for the past 24 hours, I've been a little distracted.

I assume that second one needs a little explanation.

A co-worker has two kittens available for adoption. One of them has seven fingers on its front paws. That, in itself, should be all the explanation one might require, but just in case you're not convinced that these kittens are forcing me to make a painful and adorable decision, here's a picture:

That amazing one on the right, giving you the thumbs-up, is (obviously) the one with the extra phalanges. He should only have six, which leads me to believe he stole his brother's thumbs (left) as he should also have six, but only has five.

I wish I could hire someone to just make all of life's decisions for me. It's one of those occasions where even making a tried-and-true Pros/Cons list doesn't help me come to a decision.

Yeah, this didn't help at all.

Anyway, these two heart-breakers keep getting more wide-eyed every time I look at their pictures. Which means it's time for me to step away from the computer again and mull this over some more. Not that this will help, really. They are embedded in my brain. I even had dreams about them. O_O Someone tell me what to do!

Actually, that won't help either. I've had lots of people tell me what to do on this one, and each time it ends the same way: me, back in front of the computer screen, holding a stuffed animal and sighing longingly as I eye them back and fourth.

Damn you, kitten apocalypse!


1 comment:

Canuck said...

Three things to consider:

1. Cats r devious.

2. They outnumber you 2 - 1.

3. One of them has opposable thumbs.

Visualise. :P