I survived our mega stormpacolypse the other day with zero injuries to life or property! Btown did get hit by a small tornado, but it was the other side of town, and luckily, no one was killed. It was still very scary, though. All this horrible junk was moving towards us, and everyone was all, "HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE, AND TAKE COVER!!!" And I was all,

Btw, you may recall from a previous post that I was considering getting a kitten. That's him. His name is Mr. Biffles, and he has seven fingers on each front paw. Do you ever see a lion on tv and think "OMG, I want to hold it's huge paws and just squeeeesh the hell out of them!"? Yeah. That's basically what happens to Mr. Biffles on a daily basis.

Speaking of kittens, it's Caturday! And it looks like the radar has taken notice of this as well. 

However, little feller, while cute....

CUTE. Trust me on this one. NO match for the basket of wtfadorable which is Mr. Biffles.

Mr. Biffles > everything.



WiffleBall said...

Mr. Biffles = cute kitten awesomeness & fluffy, fuzzy goodness. I just read all your posts to get myself caught up on everything meteoroflgy. I know you know this, but I love your brain. :)

...although looking at some of the maps before I scroll down to see what YOU see in the weather, I feel a bit like I'm looking at one of those 3D pictures that were so popular in the 90s, trying not to cross my eyes while trying to figure out what the hell all those little dots were supposed mesh together to look like.

A Place to be Me said...

Seriously? That is all kinds of adorable! And your Mr. Biffles is ADORable!

In other news, your blog is asking me to verify the word "catcb". How appropriate!