Can you stand on your head?

I saw this radar and immediately saw him. Can you?

Perplexed? Confused? Finding this to be something of a.. riddle? Well, here's a clue for you.

Maybe if we turned the lights out, that would help.

You know now, right? Right???

 Yeah ya do! ^_^ All this talk of riddles has put me off my tea. Have a happy Friday!



Sally_Morton said...

Hi! Your blog is great! What an original idea, it's awesome! You're going to go places, I swear.

Amanda Kay said...

Thank you very, very much! I'm glad you like it, and I really appreciate the encouragement! ^_^

Lady Banana said...

Haha, good imagination!

Anonymous said...

Nice! ALthough, my first thought was Oogy Boogey from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Amanda Kay said...

Actually, check out the April 27th post! Oogie Boogie has totally already been here. :D