Rabid Rabbits

Christmas > Easter

It's a known fact. But in fairness, Christmas has it pretty easy. Hat + coat + beard + fat man on antidepressants = the perfect mall Santa. Since average, garden-variety rabbits check in at about 16 inches tall, it's indisputably harder to create an Easter Bunny get-up. 

That said, however, there is no excuse for the following: 

His dead eyes pierce my soul. 

This child might be in danger. 

Seriously, does anyone else get the distinct impression that this little guy is about to be abducted?


Now this one, in my humble opinion, is a perfectly respectable costume. 

The child, on the other hand, is a future serial killer. 

Who's hungry?!

Seconds, anyone?

Mkay, that's all I have for you on this subject. Have a great Easter weekend, if you go in for that sort of thing. 

And remember:


Lawlerlawl said...

*flails* That last one killed me,

BullRun said...

It's even worse at my church. They just give me an enormous dog costume and stick bunny ears on it. Those poor children...