Now this is just damned impressive.

We have received so much rain in our area recently that the Indiana Wildlife Federation is reporting record sightings of alligators in parts of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and even Ohio. Kevin Donaldson, who has been with the Indiana Wildlife Federation for 15 years, said that a surprising percentage of the amphibious travelers seem to have migrated north from Florida, which is unprecedented. Donaldson describes the behavior as "an unheard of, yet logical occurrence in the migration patterns" of these creatures and explains that the alligators quote, "seem to have migrated to the marshy northern states as a result of record rainfall mimicking their native environment. They seem to favor the northern environment especially due to a lesser occurrence of elderly drivers endangering their well-being, as well as increased distance between themselves and Alabama, which is a favorable condition for most Florida-dwelling animals and humans alike."

Below, you'll see even the weather radar mimicking this occurrence:

If you look closer, you can see where patches of alligators have become so intense that the gator-clusters even show up on the  radar.

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