Shoulda Watched O'Brien and BriaaaAHHHOLY HELL

Fellow Hoosiers are probably familiar with these guys. But allow me to introduce the rest of you to a couple popular anchormen in Indianapolis: O'Brien and Brian. They have the totally-not-annoying-as-shit-catch-phrase of "Shoulda watched O'Brien and Brian!!!"

LAWL, Shoulda watched O'Bri-- *GUNSHOT*

Now, I know some of you are upset about the lack of weather posts lately. But A) I am not responsible for this drought. Blame your precious god for that one. B) Hurricane Irene came and went before I even knew there was a hurricane. I'm not a wizard, and none of you told me. So if anything, it's partially your faults. (Yeah, put that in your bong and don't smoke it, because smoking's bad. Stay in school!)  And C) how am I supposed to do my job properly if they don't do theirs?

Not that I wouldn't have the same reaction, mind you... but here I am, waiting on the couch for the weather, camera phone at the ready, finger on the Tivo pause button, and this is what they give me?

My favorite part of this video, hands down, is how the woman tries to be all "Ohh, I'll do it if you can't, jackass!" and then proceeds to be an even bigger chickenturd.

So yeah. This is kind of a weather post. You're welcome! ^_^

Enjoy the three day weekend!



A Hoser among Hoosiers said...

I must have muttered "that's what he/she said" a dozen times during that clip.

I also thought he was going to make the spider fight the snake for a moment there.

Indiana weather suuuure is weird!

saraross said...

Heeheee their commercials are suicide-inducing, fo sho!