Public Service Announcement


Do you like my blog? 

Do you like any of the blogs listed in my sidebar? 

If you answered no, GTFO!
If you answered yes...

Please take a minute to sign both the petitions below to save the things you love. All the information you need is included in the petitions themselves, as well as the video below. In short: The government wants to allow corporations to sue anyone who so much as hosts a link to copyrighted material. In theory, this means I could be sued for that Post Potter Depression post you liked, as could any of the blogs you read for any copyrighted images, links or videos they have shared (or made fun of.)

Believe it or not, I'm fairly conservative, and I do think some censorship is necessary. But this is beyond unAmerican. Let's not let this happen, k?



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trashamex said...

We GOt YO Back Internet!!