I'm a Firework!

Sometimes when I get a little blue, I like to listen to happy, motivational, feel-good songs to help me snap out of it.

I have been a little blue lately.

As such, I've decided self-indulge, draw myself a little buddy, and give myself a pep talk. You're welcome to tag along, if you'd like a pep talk, too!

By the way, we're doing this Katie Perry style!

Queue the music!

There. I feel better already. =)




skelly said...

OK, I take it back, I like this song now! :)

lily said...

I've onlY got 2 words for this post...BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

Marry me.

Amanda Kay said...

Aw, you guys.... *blushes*

Tarienn said...

Love your work! As always... it makes me strangely happy