Ladies and gents, behold the best cake I've ever had the good fortune to know in person. My dear friend Amy made this for a small Halloween get-together I hosted last night, and it's simply too beautiful not to share with the world.

I particularly love the glistening, slightly-protruding lower lip. And I assure you, he tasted just as good as he--- HOLY SHIT I JUST ATE THE BODY OF CHRIST. Mind = blown.

Thanks again, friend!

UPDATE: I submitted this masterpiece to Reddit, and it climbed its way to the front page within about 6 hours or so! Which means it also made its way to a website Amy and I are addicted to called Imgur! That's freaking incredible. :D Hi, Reddit & Imgur friends! Thanks for your support and for your love of sacrelicious confections!

Another UDATE: Oh, and now it's on The Daily What, as well. Crazy! SPREAD THE GOOD WORD OF BEAST JESUS TO ALL THE LAND!

Come, join the shenanigans...
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ALSO, follow the aritst/sculpter/magician behind this particular post and glorious confection, 
my good friend AMY EASTON! 
Twitter: @amy_easton


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