Winner winner, booze for dinner..

So, Amerian Horror Story (one of my favorite shows on TV right now) is having a Polyvore contest. Polyvore, if you're unfamiliar, allows you to view fashion trends, create collages, and allows companies and shows and other famous whoevers with more fucking money than me to have contests like this, providing images from their site and/or images provided by the contest holder to the entrants. I hope that makes sense. I'm kind of wastey-faced.

Anyway... I decided to enter. I'm pretty sure my design is going to win, so you can all stop trying now.



Jennifer W. said...

OH. MY. GOD. It's beautiful! If you don't win, there's something inanely wrong with this world.

Seriously, I laughed so hard I was crying and couldn't catch my breath. Good luck!

Paul LaFourest said...

I am so relieved to know that Pickle Rudolph does indeed shit rainbows. I have spent many countless nights tossing and turning, and screaming this question to the heavens, yet receiving no reply.

Now, may I rest.