I did it all for the dookie

If there had been a steady decrease in common sense and common courtesy in the workplace bathroom, and you walked in to see the following sign, would you be offended?

I spent tens of minutes on this baby, and it didn't even last a full business day! Someone tore it right the eff down!

Now, let me back track a minute, and say that I've never made a bathroom sign. I am not that woman in the office (and there is one in every office) who puts a new sign on the microwave or fridge or some other appliance every other day, being condescending over the littlest things.

Borrowed from the appropriately-named passiveaggressivenotes.com

So, that considered, and also considering what I had to deal with which prompted this note... I'm a little surprised it didn't survive more than a couple hours.

In the interest of not being revolting, I won't go into graphic detail about what I dealt with. And I know that poop jokes are well below the level of quality you've come to expect from this blog. (Shh...) But you really need to understand the terror. To give you an idea, it was bigger than all these things:

Who's ready for Halloween candy?

I'm lucky enough to have a witness.

Anyway... I think you get the point.

I'd like to note this had been preceded by other unnecessary bathroom encounters. (Like locked stalls? I haven't done that since 6th grade. Granted, I remember it being super fun... but still.)

So I made the sign. You saw it. I think it was funny and informative, but apparently, aside from the turd with which I did battle on Friday, there was also a turd hanging out in the punch bowl somewhere, because it's gone now.

I miss it. :{

Despite the fact that I was completely justified in hanging my sign, I decided to let it go. To move forward with maturity. And I'm glad that I took the high road on this one.


I am happy to report, that a full 24 hours later, my missing sign sign is still in place! Apparently, someone learned to take a joke. Maybe, just maybe, in time, they can learn to take a deuce like an adult as well.


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notanillusion said...

That is the best "Deal with your python turds" sign of all time. OF ALL TIME.