I'm the best sister ever

And the most modest. But mostly, the best.

Some people get their sisters a manicure, or a bracelet, or some shitty gift card for their birthday. But not this Meteoroflgist. No, sir. My gifts come from the heart. Right from the heart, and right onto Facebook.

My logic:Why buy a cardigan? She has clothes already. What she doesn't have is a Facebook wall flooded with images that represent how I really feel about her.

How much I enjoy having her as a sister.

All of the fun times we've had together.

Or those wild parties we attended, before the spiders came.

It's from Arachnophobia. I sincerely hope no one besides my sister understands this photo.

And the lessons we've learned along the way, like never to arrive too early to a party.

And you thought Facebook was stupid and pointless. Poppycock, I say to you. Poppycock.

So yes. Happy Birthday, dear sister, and may these images be embedded in your Facebook archive and subconscious forever.

And on an incredibly related note, this is what you get for having a birthday in October in my world.


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erin said...

so funny! so scary! what a lucky sister you have!