A.D.D. Wednesday

Heads up: I'm all over the place today.

It could be that extra large cup of coffee I had for breakfast his morning, and the fact that we were out of creamer, so I just dumped in a shitload of hot cocoa. Don't judge. It was delicious. Diabetically delicious. I've decided to call it, "Hot Mochoa". It's pronounced, hot moh-coh, and rhymes with cocoa. You know... like... a combo of mocha and cocoa?

Shut up. It's brilliant. Just like all of the other words I invent which no one can seem to pronounce.

Sound it out, bitches.

Or maybe I'm just feeling hyper because today finally looked, smelled, and felt like fall is supposed to, instead of this prolonged summer crap. Gtfo, sunshine. We've had enough of your 90 degree bullshit.

Or perhaps, it was the fact that my previous once-in-a-lifetime experience has turned into a twice-in-a-lifetime experience. Yes, that's right, folks. Today, I received yet another... siamese McNug. I'm convinced that I'm some kind of Nugget Goddess at this point.

Dramatic reenactment

Whatever the cause, I have some serious ADD today. That's probably why all I could see out of this:

Was this:

At least I already have something at the ready for him to snack on.

Life isn't fair, weather guy. Unless you get double siamese McNuggets, and get to wash it down with some delicious hot mocoa. Then it's totally fair. At least for a minute or two.



The Vegetable Assassin said...

There are times - and this may be one of them - when I truly wish I had what you are on.

Maybe it's the mochoa?

Incidentally, dumping cocoa into coffee sounds effing delicious to me and I'm a little perturbed I've never thought of this. It's like the better tasting version of cocaine! You know...I IMAGINE. If you put cocaine in mocha you'd get uh...mochaine!

I'm bailing on this whole thing.

s.ross said...

Totally still LOLing at the Dramatic Jesus Reenactment!